A filmmaker’s take on movies, TV, and industry trends, from a feminist perspective.

Most of film criticism today has lapsed from a thoughtful analysis of the success or failure of a film and how it works. Likewise film itself has strayed from its roots in storytelling to become (for the most part) an empty display of visual pyrotechnics, filled with explosions, naked chicks, and special effects. In an industry geared to an audience of 14 year old boys, it’s easy to forget what we love about film. Engrossing plot lines, and interesting, relatable characters, who try to show us insights into the human condition. It’s not only the blockbusters that fail on this front. Romantic comedies constantly disappoint with stale plotlines and gender tropes, while comedy seems focused on cheap laughs and proving that even a dork/slob/slacker can get the hot girl. You may call me a highbrow, elitist, who can’t take movies as they are, and maybe I am, but there is no excuse for shoddy filmmaking. No matter the genre or the audience, if you start with a solid story, developed characters, and some wit, you can have a successful film in more than just box office dollars and the special effects are only icing on the cake.

With this blog I intend to give honest and unmerciful critique of today’s films, both good and bad, with in-depth analysis. Now beware, because my reviews will be full of spoilers! I will also look at the themes of television shows, as well as the inner workings of the industry and broader trends and genres. As for me, I am a liberal arts college graduate, with a BA in film and some experience in most aspects of film and television production, working my way up in the industry. I hope you enjoy my insights and while we may not always agree I hope that I will always make you think!


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